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 A Lawyer Can Influence Another Lawyer: Do You Agree? A Lawyer Can Influence Another Lawyer: Do You Agree?

Bronze medal Reporter Adv Aneeta Posted 3 Nov 2019
 A Lawyer Can Influence Another Lawyer: Do You Agree?

The determination to enter the legal profession is usually from inspiration which is either from personal heroes or to the fact they believe they can make a difference in society. This world of mankind is full of actions and choices that are considered right and erroneous. The laws believe certain things right and wrong, but culture and ethics also believe in various actions in this manner. The laws of our society are guidelines, but these laws may cause confusion for the public. This is why there are lawyers who assist ordinary people. More than just problem solvers, a lawyer can help avoid issues from even coming into fruition. The lawyer acts on behalf of another and voices the opinion of their client in a manner which is in their best interest.

“Law is a jealous mistress”, and you need considerable time to dedicate to this career. Just like the famous saying a lawyer should be prepared to work 24x7. A lawyer should be like a sponge, learn and absorb everything so that his client gets the best advice. A lawyer has to be at the top of the game when it comes to knowledge of the law and should have the ability to bring in work. To become tomorrow’s top lawyer he should have the passion to read and learn. With a growing economy and an increasing number of foreign firms targeting the Indian market, the necessities of legal proficiency will only increase, making law a very lucrative career.

A legal career has a vast number of opportunities and job fulfillment. A lawyer can be either self -employed or work under any law firm and companies. It takes decades to become a good lawyer. A lawyer is a type of odd fruit, first rotten then green and last ripe.

Lawyers perform a critical role in the advancement of social order by the administration of the law in a manner that answers the fundamental desires of justice.

The general perceptive behind the importance of lawyers is that all mankind are the same, and deserve an equivalent opportunity to receive legal justice. A lawyer should be aware of all the latest judgments and amendments to date. He should be-knowing the legal issues around him. He has to master the skill of verbal and written persuasion as they argue, take statements, and draft various legal pleadings. A good lawyer will have a problem-solving ability.

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