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Advice to take action for breaching consumer law on SOUQAdvice to take action for breaching consumer law on SOUQ

Consumer Protection »Posted 26 Apr 2019 Post Answer

legal question I ordered a laptop in souq which I received partly open and not working hence I returned for refund immediately. This happened in Jan 2019.I waited for a month for refund but souq didn\'t respond me for refund and the team from souq was saying that the laptop is working hence can\'t be refund after 1 month. Since I need to take the laptop to my son in India I asked to sent me the laptop. Unfortunately it can after I left to India hence aramex returned it back to seller. After I came back to abuse Dhabi I asked souq to sent me the laptop back explaining that I left India hence couldn\'t receive.Till now the laptop has not reached me. Almost 5 months since the purchase date souq is giving me fake update every week saying it is sent to me.i even complained to Dubai consumer economic department. No use.Even I receive the laptop it\'s almost 5 months of warranty gone without even using it. Kindly advice legally can we take action against souq first cheating me

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