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Resignation during ProbationResignation during Probation

Labor »Posted 25 Oct 2019 Post Answer

legal question Hi,
I am on an unlimited contract with my Employer. My job offer states the probation period as 180 days from date of joining.

My Notice of Termination states that
Notice of Termination: In the event of termination of this contract by either party, a prior written notice of termination for a period of 30 days or pay in lieu by the party terminating the contract is mandatory. Notice of termination is applicable / comes into effect on successful completion of the stipulated probation period.

Last week the HR team asked my boss to provide his feedback on my probation which would finish on 17-Nov-19. My boss replied to the HR that he confirms my probation (this was an internal communication of my boss and with the HR team).This email to HR, my boss shared with me for my information (Mail forwarded to me as FYI).

In such case, if I resign today, do I have to serve notice period?

legal answer from lawyer E00005790yes, you have to service notice and work in notice period

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