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UAE work contract termination enquiry. UAE work contract termination enquiry.

Labor »Posted 7 Sep 2019 Post Answer

legal question I am hoping to get an advice from you please. I work in Dubai on unlimited contract with a company for 3 manager gives me termination letter that my services are no longer required effective August 22 with 90 days paid notice,tells me not to go to work as there is replacement, also i need to bring passport&sign cancelation papers another day. I called Labour office to check about settlement calculations & was told not to give passport or sign anything until benefits are paid.Once I told hr about this, she said I either bring passport & sign papers then they will pay in installments every months for 3 mths(not what we agreed upon as I had told her I ll leave the country for good once all canceled, cannot wait long) or if I fail to do so then I have to report to work next day & if I don't they deduct every day pay.Kindly advise if she has a right to ask me to work for 3 months(no mention of last working day in the letter)& if I can get payment at once not installments thanks

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