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Visa Cancellation under limited period contractVisa Cancellation under limited period contract

Labor »Posted 2 Jul 2019 Post Answer

legal question Good Day!!!
I am on a limited contract & have submitted my resignation via mail on 26th of May, 2019. Though I have not received any replyl, I was verbally told to serve my notice period. As of today I have completed my notice period but my employer is refusing to cancel my Visa and is forcing me to work untill he finds a replacement.
Also I have not received my leave salary for the last 2 years. He is also asking me to pay for the Visa cost as it was renewed on 20th May, 2019.
What are my rights & how can I get my visa cancelled? What are my liabilities towards the company? Do I need to work after serving the notice period? 1 months notice period is mentioned in the contract which is already completed. What are my options? Please help.

legal answer from lawyer E00304554Dear Questioner,
Please note that resignation is valid even if the other party rejects. Only important matter is have you served the resignation or not. Acceptance or rejection of resignation or termination is immaterial. Further since you are in a limited contract you will have to compensate the employer by paying him an amount equals to your 45 days salary, as per law.
Please note that your company cannot legally recover the visa costs from you. The compensation of 45 days salary is only legally recoverable amount from you by the company. You may face a 6 months automatic ban from the ministry depends upon your profession.
You may stop working after notice period after making an official handover of all company assets and the work. Hope the above expalantion is satisfactory.

Thank You.

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