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What is UAE Embassy attestation and what is its procedure? What is UAE Embassy attestation and what is its procedure?

Bronze medal Reporter Md. Munnibuddin Posted 14 Jul 2019
What is UAE Embassy attestation and what is its procedure?

Over the past few year, the number of Indian expats has increased in the UAE due to better employment opportunities and a luxurious lifestyle. This sudden immigration has increased the demand of UAE attestation in India. UAE Embassy attestation is a procedure of document validation by the UAE Embassy in order to provide legality to the foreign-originated documents in the UAE.

All public documents originated in a foreign country requires attestation prior to being used in the UAE for any private or government related task. UAE Embassy attestation is required for validating the documents as well as processing the visa request. There are several agencies in India rendering express and genuine UAE Embassy attestation service at a reasonable price range. 

The procedure for UAE Embassy attestation is as follows:


  1. HRD/ Home Department/ Chamber of Commerce Attestation

The document attestation procedure for UAE starts with state authentication. The Human Resource Development (HRD), State Home Department, and the Chamber of Commerce are the primary authorities that validate the educational, personal, and commercial documents respectively. These departments examines the genuinity of the documents and then rectify them with their official stamp and signature.   


2. MEA Attestation

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) is the sole agency in India responsible for Indian document attestation. The MEA attest a document on the basis of examination done by previous departments at the state level. The MEA do not charge any fee for attestation. 


3. UAE Embassy Attestation

Thereupon, the document will be presented before the UAE Embassy for further attestation. The UAE embassy is the last authority whose attestation is required on Indian documents in India.      


4. MOFA Attestation

After the MEA and UAE Embassy attestation, the documents will be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in UAE. Without MOFA attestation, the documents will not be accepted or approved in the UAE. UPon the completion of this procedure, all Indian educational, personal, and commercial documents will be approved legally in the UAE. 


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