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Why Law Profession Said To Be A Pressure-Cooker Profession? Why Law Profession Said To Be A Pressure-Cooker Profession?

Bronze medal Reporter Adv Aneeta Posted 6 Nov 2019
Why Law Profession Said To Be A Pressure-Cooker Profession?

After the tough years in law school, one is expecting to be a good lawyer within a short period of time. But actually, what is thought in law schools are not fully applied when it comes to practising. If you went to law school with dreams of giving often fascinating opening and closing arguments in court and performing surgical cross-examinations on a regular basis, the reality of law practice might come as a tough surprise. Not many cases end up in trial and not many litigators tried a case. Lawyers are having a difficult time accepting the profession’s transformation from profession to profession-within-an-industry. The business of delivering legal services is growing while the practice is tightening.

Lawyers have to deal with daily life problems of emotions like life, money, personal and many other issues. Long hours of work, changes in the law, client demands are some of the stressful jobs.  This stress can become unbearable, leading lawyers quit the profession. “Lawyers must constantly scan the possibility, trying to predict the next catastrophe. Also, lawyers only have his time and advice to give, they can’t make more time as their workload grows. They give up their family and friend then weekends and vacation. Lawyers have to have an elephant’s hide, the courage, and the patience of a saint. They are not trained for this.” They take a huge amount of risk. This is a very intellectually and, at times, actually challenging job.

Lawyers are facing depression, anxiety, mental health and excessive stress on the day to day life.  "Attorneys develop an overdeveloped sense of control, so if things don't go as planned, they blame themselves. They think they didn't work hard enough or they were careless," explains Tyger Latham, a Washington, D.C.-based psychologist. Clients always expect lawyers to predict the future, to anticipate threats and lookout against anything that could arise and so they learn to see problems everywhere, even when they don't exist.

The competition to keep up with another colleague is the biggest pressure faced by lawyers. Lawyers are at high risk, so even if it is just for 10 minutes lawyers should find time to exercise and meditate, or you will find it difficult to sustain yourself in the long run.  It is also necessary to have enough sleep, so you won’t be over-pressured the next day. It is also important to take breaks in between and keep your health in good shape.

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