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intelectual proprety for architectural designsintelectual proprety for architectural designs

Intellectual Property »Posted 3 Jun 2019 Post Answer

legal question I am am architect that worked in a large consultant firm.
Now I am having my own practice website and wanted to show on it the projects I designed while working with them.
I did put the photos of the projects and had a disclaimer at the bottom of the page stating that these projects (marked with *)where done while working with so and so

is there any infringement on the intellectual property - noting that these are my designs 100%

legal answer from lawyer E00304554Dear Questioner,

To give an accurate advise I need to see the agreement between you and your previous employer. Normally when you work an employer or when you design for a architect company the designs are of company;'s intellectual property than of that employee.
If there is any agreement or clause in the employment agreement in this effect, there is no infringement of intellectual property laws.

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