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Legal Q/A by Nasser Shams

Nasser Shams has answered nearly 11 legal questions for free.

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Am a Kenya married by a tanzania for the last 2 years we have not been Family 11 May 2014

Now my husband wants to marry another wife and he wants a letter from me to permit him to marry of which have not issues about, according to legal law...

for sure its not an officeal , kindly lets meet or you can send me all the information from the day you meet him , were you get married ? thx nasser...View

what are my rights as a christian daughter in property matters Property 8 May 2014

I am a Syrian Christian daughter living in UAE. My parents live in Kerala.I have 2 brothers one of which is mentally handicapped and lives with my parents...

Dear , Sorry, the picture not clear , if you want we can meet , give more information or send me in details more information Thx Nasser ...View

the flat that was rented out to me is in a poor condition what can I d Consumer Protection 5 May 2014

I rented out a flat from an agency in a free hold building. The agent said it would be renewed but we quickly figured out that it was barely painted and...

you just need to visit dubai land thx Nasser View

Marriage rules in Ajman ANY 30 Apr 2014

I am working in Ajman. I wanted to get married. My wife is a Romanian Citizen. She will come to UAE in july as its a visa free entry for her according...

she should Be resident , with visit visa they will not allow thx \\nasser View

Cash Deposit of Rs.10 Lakh to NRO account. Banking 24 Apr 2014

Dear Sir, Last year I had lend my friend Rs.10 lakhs for his personal needs. Now he wants to return back the amount by cash deposit to my NRO a/c. Will...

dear ita eassy , i just need more information thx Nasser View

how to claim for an accident . Accident 4 Oct 2012

thank you - what is your phone number and email sean

you can call me any time View

can open case against govt International Law 14 Sep 2012

deportation to the establish business person having propertis in uae after 16 years leagal stay

for sure why not View

tax lawyer in Dubai Tax 5 Jan 2012

Dear Sir, I am in the process of setting up my company in Dubai and looking for a tax lawyer for my company. Thanks and Regards, Tony Finle

Dear Toney thanks for your e-mail , I am happy to assist you Kindly give me a call to meet & discuss it Best Regards Nasser Shams View

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