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service of summons in UAE from abroad ANY 1 Feb 2013

To Whom It May Concern, I am trying to find out what the procedure or steps are to serve a summons to a person in the UAE from international proceedings....

Dear Ms Yasmina, Thank you for your inquiry below. In order to serve summons upon the defendant in UAE, it is important that you provide us with...View

Brother Died in Dubai Want to Transfer Car & Get gratuity Motor Vehicle 29 Jan 2013

hi my brother died in dubai we were working together now problem is that we had car but on his name now i want to transfer his car to my name and i also...

Hello, Upon obtaining the death certificate, you now need to obtain a succession certificate from your home country. A succession certificate is issued...View

Rent dispute villa has no electricity Property 22 Jan 2013

Hi, my family and I have a big burden in the studio villa that we are renting. Our contract started June 11, 2012 and its for 1 year and amount of rent...

Thank you for your inquiry. We trust that you have signed a tenancy contract with the landlord. Please ensure that your tenancy contract is registered...View

need a lawyer Accident 13 Jan 2013

had a car accident and the police report was against me. i took it to the court and judge confirmed am innocent. then tho prosecution made an appeal and...

Thank you for your query. Although we note the facts cited in your message above, it is important that you provide us with full details as to factual...View

Gift Deed. Property 12 Jan 2013

I am a NRI. I was born & brought up in Dubai. Presently I am working in Dubai after completing my education in UAE. I believe everything right whatever...

Dear Mr. Khanna, Thank you for your recent inquiry. Noting from facts, it appears that the society does not have necessary documents and in your...View

how i get divorce with my christian husband Family 31 Dec 2012

I was married before embracing Islam in my life,i try to get my husband to be in Islam to continue our marriage life,but now 5 years and he never wanted...

Appreciate if you could kindly get in touch with us so that we can assess your matter and advice accordingly. Thanks.View

Job Offer rejected after sanctioning offer & valid Visa Labor 28 Dec 2012

Hello sir, My humble request to you all, I got a offer from one of the top construction company in major countries with nearly 25 vertical presence...

Dear Mr. Ravinder, Please get in touch with us so that we can advice you further. Thanks. Sunil ThackerView

Country Club not refunding money. Consumer Protection 13 Dec 2012

R/Sir, My name is Rishi Jaiswal and I am working in a Pest Control Company working for Abu Dhabi Municipality in Abu Dhabi, UAE. On June 13, 2011 I...

Dear Mr. Jaiswal, Thank you for your inquiry. In order to advice you further, it is important that we have further details and documents so that...View

how to file divorce if husband dont like to divorce Human Rights 11 Dec 2012

I like to divorce my husband cause he will married in Egypt cause we cannot have a baby he's family force him to married that lady now for me I want to...

Thank you for your inquiry. We\'ll appreciate if you get in touch with our office so that we can understand the precise facts and advice you further....View

is it legal to not allow a prisoner to get bail or sponsored Criminal 30 Nov 2012

my buss. partner and hes uncle was accused of a crime when he went to fujairah,he is now almost 2month there and we tired to bail him but the prosecutor...

Thank you for your inquiry. Generally speaking, the parties may apply for a bail by providing adequate security and guarantees but this depends entirely...View

details about registration of an entity in uae International Law 20 Nov 2012

what is entity, its registration process, documents needed for its registration, does and dont's with regard to documentation

Could you please get in touch with us so that we can send you a detailed incorporation pack which will answer all your questions? Thanks. Sunil Tha...View

inheritance Law Property 22 Oct 2012

I am home owner who has invested in more than 3 properties in Dubai.How can I protect my properties by passing on to the successor after my death.Which...

Thank you for your recent query. In line with the prevailing internal regulations of the Dubai Land Department, you may either transfer the property...View

If brother is unable to repay bank Loan and has lots of det, Business 18 Oct 2012

A person(in Dubai) is unable to repay his bank loan, is bankrupt and has lots of det. His passport is held by bank and in such case will the bank hold...

As long as his brother has not signed any forms or documents as guarantor, the brother cannot be held responsible. Thanks.View

I am non-muslim. How can i secure my property in Dubai Property 17 Oct 2012

My properties are in the joint name of me and my husband.Is is necessary to make a will where by after our death our property is passed on to our childer.Does...

I presume your property is based in Dubai. If so, you may consider incorporating a freezone company in Dubai (not in any other Emirate) and transfer the...View

Registration of Trade Mark of company in GCC countries. Business 15 Oct 2012

Can i register trade mark of my company in GCC countries without forming an offshore company on my personal name.

Yes, you may register trademark under your personal name. There is no need to incorporate a company.View

consultant in dubai based company treated as a employee Labor 28 May 2012

if any dubai based company appoint a consultant for 6 months, can he treated as a employee of the of the company for that period?

It is important that you provide further details on nature of appointment, whether labour contract was signed, nature and scope of work, type of entity...View

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