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Mohamed Noureldin has answered nearly 18 legal questions for free.

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You was supposed to commit to your words and as per law you lost your down payment because you did not commit to the deal (regardless of your request for...View

After Visa cancellation can i sue my previous employer Labor 18 Oct 2016

Working for a Fujairah free zone company ( Media Freezone ) , since from my joining I did not receive proper salary on time. also, the salary they mentioned...

Dear Sir, Greetings, canceling your visa does not prohibit you form filling a case under Labor law, you can proceed with the claims in Labor court....View

legal assistance for human rights.. Human Rights 18 Oct 2016

I am Roleth, filipina currently here in abu dhabi.. I am seeking for an legal advice with my problem.. Before i came here, my legal husband had an affair...

Dear Madam, Greetings, You can report to police about the matter and she will be prosecuted under Cyber law No. 2 for 2006, all posts and electronic...View

Please suggest to me how can Ill flight my labour case in court Labor 18 Oct 2016

Respected Sir, ​​​With due respect sir i didnít received my salary more than 7 month and the owner close down company. when i...

Kindly advise about your claims, keep the case going and it will go to execution any way.View

Please suggest to me how can flight my labour case in court Labor 18 Oct 2016

Respected Sir/Mam, ​​​With due respect sir i didnít received my salary more than 7 month and the owner close down company....

Dear Sir, Greetings, I would advise you to submit a simple claim memo for all your rights in front of court, where the judge will issue his judgement...View

Is it legal to take amount from a consumer upon returning of purchased Consumer Protection 16 Oct 2016

I bought a machine which demonstrated in our house. In sales contract it was mentioned that In case of returning the machine within limited and specified...

Dear Madam, Greetings, your claim is not clear, but you don't have to pay any money for giving back the machine. View

Was sold property with the guarantee that there would be no maintananc Property 16 Oct 2016

I was sold a property in Abu Dhabi which has many maintenance issues. There was a clause in the MOU that was drafted by the real estate agent that said...

Dear Sir, Greetings, you can get all the maintenance fixed on the account of the seller by filling a case of appointing Engineering expert from court...View

Marriage law in dubai for non local lady Family 16 Oct 2016

Hi Im divorced iranian lady with 15 years old son. I wanna get marry with local man from father death certificate is uncle power...

Dear Madam, Greetings, Yes, it will be enough also you can submit request to judge to be your Wali for the marriage purpose.View

Shipment not received and no action from shipping company Consumer Protection 16 Oct 2016

Hi , I would request for advise related to my shipping issue. I booked my shipment by Dynamic Movers , Dubai for shipment from Abu dhabi to Colorado...

Dear Sir, You can issue a power of attorney to lawyer in UAE to handle the matter, but how much is the value for the case to advise you if you shall...View

Shipment delayed by Shipping company and no actions is being taken Consumer Protection 16 Oct 2016

Hi , I booked my shipment from Abu dhabi to Fort Collins, Colorado, USA on 30th May 2016 by Dynamic Start Movers , Dubai. I was promised to get door...

Kindly advise about the value of the shipment so we can advise you regard the legal cost and either it is good or no to file the case.View

Complaint against Knowledge Planet - Education Institute Consumer Protection 15 Oct 2016

Have been enrolled with educational institute for my son & they did not provide me services as agreed, when enquired branch manager behaved unprofessional,...

you can complain to ministry of education, or whom ever is licensing his institution. View

enquire to know about cancellation of agreements in uae (abu dhabi) Consumer Protection 15 Oct 2016

i would like to whether is there under consumer rights to cancel any agreement within 7 days

depend on the agreement, some agreement fall under civil law or otherwiseView

Exiting UAE JOB change with Loan Banking 5 Oct 2016

Dear Sir, Good Day. I have currently worked in RAK UAE for past 7years with one employer, now I have got a better opportunity in sharjah with 3 times...

Dear Sir, Greetings, You don't have to worry, as long as, you make your payment on time, you can go and come back without any problem.View

Resignation and Relieving date from Employer Labor 2 Oct 2016

Dear Sir, I just want to clarify on the resignation part. Working in shipping company (Sharjah UAE) for the past 11 years as Manager under unlimited...

Dear Sir, you can stop working and complain to labor department, kindly note that court consider the emails as prove for any transaction either a civil...View

document attestation Notary 1 Oct 2016

sir i am working in ras al khima for 8 years in a private sector ,i need my uae bank statement with uae notary public attestation i prep-are...

Dear Sir, If you need to immigrate to other country, you can have a lawyer stamp on the documents and it will be sufficient, Kindly contact me for more...View

CyberCrime - beting threatend with defamation Criminal 25 Sep 2016

I am being threatened by someone who took pictures of me, took pictures of all my ids, has looked up all my family information and is threatening to defame...

attend to police station and open a police case against the phone number, cyber crime unit will investigate the matter.View

un-settled interntaional debts Civil 20 Sep 2016

iam a sri lankan and have taken loan from dubai bank and also had used the credit card in another bank. without paying the debt had to come to sri lanka...

I don't believe they can file case against u, tell me the amount and I will tell u. Kindly note that banking cases take long time and cost alot even...View

My husband got sudden termination nd he has a personal loan Banking 3 Sep 2016

Sir, Assalamualaikum My husband got terminated from his job recently. He has a personal loan with a outstanding balance of around 51000. The bank deposited...

Madam, Greetings, Kindly note that you can suspend the judgement by appealing the criminal judgment first, and challenging the judgment in front...View

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