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Passport Related Issue Labor 17 hour(s) ago

Hi, I submitted my resignation and currently serving my notice period. I requested my passport but was refused to be given since I'm on notice period. May...


Courts Order but RTA not taking any action ANY 22 hour(s) ago

Car is lost long time ago and this man only appears once in dubai court. After that he never appeared. I putup this case in court in 2015 and got court...


What should i do to if my employer will not cancelled my visa is there Human Rights 21 Feb 2020

Hello i just want to ask About my problem here i am working as an OFW being a housemaid in UAE,my contract will end by this march 7 2020,i ask cancellation...

you can inform your employer and after cancellation you are free to search your new job. View

Courts Order but RTA not taking any action ANY 20 Feb 2020

Some one buy my car and didn’t complete the transfer process. 13000AED fine on the car and person both are missing. I did filed case against him in dubai...

you can take back your car and search the man to implement court order. you should file execution for court order. View

Is that possible that my bf detain bcoz they couldnt find me as missin ANY 12 Feb 2020

im hiding right now due to financial prblem which i dont how to solve im in depression i am afraid to show up might be police will detain me.from trusted...

may i know what kind of cases do u have ? i need more details to consult you. plz call or Whatsapp me for consultation View

Case filed against me Family 10 Feb 2020

I just received some information that my wife has filed an affidavit against me. Which is RA9262 also Third Party, which she has a copy of selfie pic with...

living with a girl without marry is criminal offense. can you call and Whatsapp so i can guide you in detail. View

Extremely Noisy Tenants- Management Does Nothing for 6 Months Property 8 Feb 2020

My cousin and I moved into Ghoroob Community, Mirdif, on June 2017. We had no issues or complaints until summer 2019. The tenants above us started creating...

You have done every possible action which you should take. Better call the police and register a proper written complaint with all ur previous written...View

Maternity benefits and termination Labor 6 Feb 2020

Good pm. I have some query and need for a legal advice. I file for a maternity leave by next month but unfortunately I received a two months notice for...

You should ask for 3 months compensation for arbitrary termination in this situation because your termination seems because of pregnancy. you have to work...View

Refund for my course fee ANY 5 Feb 2020

hi, i made a payment for a course in an institute in karama, Dubai. 4 months back i requested for a refund as i didnt feel it was good for me. now...

You should contact with DED consumer section and file a complaint against them. View

Contract breaking charges if company not paying salary on time Labor 5 Feb 2020

I already resigned 45 days ago. Salary delay happened 3 days ago

You may approach Twafouq by filing a complain View

Lost baggage with Egypt air Human Rights 4 Feb 2020

I lost my baggage with Egypt air since November 2nd 2019 till date nothing as been done from their side I have fill all the required documents still nothing...

You may file a consumer complaint and a civil claim for recovery of your damages. View

Muslim Pakistani girl marring Indian Muslim boy Civil 4 Feb 2020

I am a Muslim from Pakistan and in love with a boy from India who is also Muslim if we marry to each other will i get an Indian citizenship

After marriage u can apply for Indian Citizenship.View

Contract breaking charges if company not paying salary on time Labor 3 Feb 2020

I resigned my job I have to pay 3 months salary as penalty and 1 month salary for short notice. If the company is not paying salary on time, do i need...

Better u should file a complaint against your company for non payment of ur salary. resign by u can lead to ban also. View

Insolvency law in UAE, How to file case Civil 2 Feb 2020

January 1st onwards UAE cabinet approved Insolvency law in effect in UAE and my question is how to file an insolvency case before the court and how much...

Better consult lawyer for proper guidance. if u wish to do urself then u can visit to file a case in Al AdeebView

cctv access in my husband’s building Family 2 Feb 2020

Im suspecting that my husband is cheating on me. Can I access the cctv in his building?

You should report to Police and they will do whatever things require and investigate the matter. View

Forgery in Offer Letter MOL Labor 1 Feb 2020

I joined a company in November 2019. At the time of joining, I received a Company Offer Letter with a lumpsum amount as Salary with no salary structure...

You may be banned for 1 year. View

How can I get correct information about my fiancé From who And how An Criminal 1 Feb 2020

You are very late. My fiancé has been deported back to Africa. He was innocent and inprisoned withoiut any case number. He has deported with empthy hands....


Payo hiling sa child support Family 1 Feb 2020

Gusto ko lang po humingi ng payo kung ano ang pwede kong gawin para sa sustento ng anak namin. Kasal po kami. Kakahiwalay lang po namin nagbabanta sya...

Please ask your question in English language View

Help to get payment Business 22 Jan 2020

Hi One one of importer from Dubai has cheated me. I send one container of onion to him on credit and he dint pay me? One year I m chasing pavement but...

You should file a case in UAE civil court to get your moneyView

Non-compete agreement letter Labor 22 Jan 2020

Hi. I have resigned from my company and i am rendering my 1 month notice but my employer let me sign a confidentiality agreement restraining me to work...

Need to check your signed agreement, Please feel free to contact direct for consultationView

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