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Arbitrary Termination and cancellation of visa Labor 2 Jun 2020

Hello, I am working in one Company in UAE. Recently I received a layoff letter informing me that my position has been redundant and they want to reduce...


A guy is cheating me for the money from last one year Criminal 1 Jun 2020

Assalamalaikum I am working as a care taker in sharjah in my front house there is a guy who is working as a driver he cheated me 23000 dhirams for 5 visas...

Wlkmslam, You can file a criminal case in the police station and for recovery of the money, you need to file a civil case. plz, call for more detail....View

Drinking + making thread Criminal 31 May 2020

i have case of drinking and making a thread to kill sharjah. i have judgment on Sunday . what is the procedure to make appeal and after judgement will...

You can do by urself from jail or you can hire a lawyer and we can do your behalf. plz call me for more details View

UAE Residency’s issue in case of job lost ANY 31 May 2020

Hi, I am working with private company in Dubai since 12 years but now due to global pandemic situation my job is not secure.My question is that, How can...


Construction contract ANY 29 May 2020

We have signed a contract of construction of bridges after 10 months we do not have any approval drawing from the contractor and we spent million dollars...

you can file a civil suit against the party and demand your compensation. Please call me our firm can help you with this.View

Complaint for my employer Labor 26 May 2020

hi i file a complaint against my employer because he dont pay me right when i work with etra time they dont pay me i ont have insurance, last year i...


Muslim marriage, desceased dad no death certificate Family 25 May 2020

Hello, my question is regarding muslim marriage, I am Canadian and my fiancé is American and we are both muslim. My dad's presence is required but he...

you may request to judge of the personal status court if he will agree you can marry. please call for more detail. View

No guardian for marriage Civil 24 May 2020

Non Muslim woman recently converted and doesn't have guardian, how to get married in ajman court or UAE?

Check with court judge some time they permit on based on circumstances. View

False accusation of an employee after getting terminated ANY 22 May 2020

Hi, I work in a company as Manager, My Boss had terminated an employee and ask me to followup with his final settlement, this employee think I have terminated...


Employee accusing of other employee for harrasing et ANY 22 May 2020

Hi, I work in a company as Manager, My Boss had terminated an employee and ask me to followup with his final settlement, this employee think I have terminated...


Help with cheque bounce ANY 19 May 2020

I had joined an insurance company in Dubai and worked for three months. Iwanted to quit from there so they asked me to pay back the commissions given to...


Lock breaking and renting my apartment Criminal 18 May 2020

An unauthorised person has taken over my apartment from my original tenant and renting for his benefit. Contract expired and original tenant not here in...


passenger with alchool and liquor license Motor Vehicle 12 May 2020

hello there, i wanted to ask, if im driving a car and as a muslim i do not have a liquor license. yet passenger with me in the car has a liquor license...



My freezone former employer terminated my contract dated April 19,2020, I was willing to sign the cancellation,No problem againts me,but let me get first...


Salon services refund denied Consumer Protection 6 May 2020

Dear Sirs, I have a problem with a salon in Dubai. I have an active membership that expires June 30, 2021, worth 8400 including VAT. I had stupidly...

You can file a complaint with Consumer protection Dept., with the Economic Dept. You can also call Consumer Rights Contact center View

Drinking and making a threat Criminal 4 May 2020

I have a drinking case and I threatened someone else while drunk


What is my right As a wife Family 4 May 2020

I want to know my right as a wife and a mother? My husband is having an affair and they are together now..


Employer/employee dispute Human Rights 22 Apr 2020

Is the employer entitled to pay housing allowances of the employee in case of a lay off? Does this apply to both off shore and free zone companies?...

All terms will apply as agreed by both View

Company didn’t issue visa and medical insurance since 01.2020 Labor 22 Apr 2020

Me and my wife have an issue with the company. I signed offer letter 01.2020 but we don’t have insurance and visas. My wife is sick and taking medicines...

You r working with company without a visa that is illegal under UAE law. Visa issuance depends on the company (you can claim base on offer letter but...View

Charges against holding the cheques ANY 22 Apr 2020

hi, we are unable to pay our rental to the owner of the property as we have suspended from work due to covid 19. We have asked the real estate to postypone...

If owner bounces the cheque then a criminal case can be filed, so negotiate as u think proper. View

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