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Help with cheque bounce ANY 19 May 2020

I had joined an insurance company in Dubai and worked for three months. Iwanted to quit from there so they asked me to pay back the commissions given to...


Lock breaking and renting my apartment Criminal 18 May 2020

An unauthorised person has taken over my apartment from my original tenant and renting for his benefit. Contract expired and original tenant not here in...


passenger with alchool and liquor license Motor Vehicle 12 May 2020

hello there, i wanted to ask, if im driving a car and as a muslim i do not have a liquor license. yet passenger with me in the car has a liquor license...



My freezone former employer terminated my contract dated April 19,2020, I was willing to sign the cancellation,No problem againts me,but let me get first...


Salon services refund denied Consumer Protection 6 May 2020

Dear Sirs, I have a problem with a salon in Dubai. I have an active membership that expires June 30, 2021, worth 8400 including VAT. I had stupidly...

You can file a complaint with Consumer protection Dept., with the Economic Dept. You can also call Consumer Rights Contact center View

Drinking and making a threat Criminal 4 May 2020

I have a drinking case and I threatened someone else while drunk


What is my right As a wife Family 4 May 2020

I want to know my right as a wife and a mother? My husband is having an affair and they are together now..


Employer/employee dispute Human Rights 22 Apr 2020

Is the employer entitled to pay housing allowances of the employee in case of a lay off? Does this apply to both off shore and free zone companies?...

All terms will apply as agreed by both View

Company didn’t issue visa and medical insurance since 01.2020 Labor 22 Apr 2020

Me and my wife have an issue with the company. I signed offer letter 01.2020 but we don’t have insurance and visas. My wife is sick and taking medicines...

You r working with company without a visa that is illegal under UAE law. Visa issuance depends on the company (you can claim base on offer letter but...View

Charges against holding the cheques ANY 22 Apr 2020

hi, we are unable to pay our rental to the owner of the property as we have suspended from work due to covid 19. We have asked the real estate to postypone...

If owner bounces the cheque then a criminal case can be filed, so negotiate as u think proper. View

Hi good afternoon. I married with Emirates citizen one year back. I m Family 21 Apr 2020

Hi good afternoon. I married with Emirates citizen one year back. I m from Azerbaijan. He didn’t put my name on he’s family book till now. Is that...

Do you have kids ? Please call for further assistance View

Divorce family law advice Family 21 Apr 2020

Hi my.namenis viviana,.I'm.brasilian, married an emirati, got 2 girls 5 years old, I.filed andivorce a year ago, but I closed, in the last stage, with...

Please call for a consultation mentioned number in my profile.View

Live out allowance promised but not provided Labor 15 Apr 2020

I would like to have some assistance regarding a work issue that I am having at the moment. On February 2020 I started working for a company. Before...

You are liable to get whatever is mentioned in your labor contract. please call for further assistance View

Job loss and rental cheque ANY 2 Apr 2020

I have lost my job due to redundancy. I am staying with my family in a rented apartment. I informed my property management office regarding my job loss...

Your job lost is not related to rental property so it will not help you but you can demand some time because of Covid 19, I hope the court will also grant...View

Cancelled Employment Labor 27 Mar 2020

hello. i have already resigned in my current company and rendering the final days until 30th of this month. however, the company that i was supposed to...

you have no right to get compensation. View

Need assylum with w year old kid Human Rights 26 Mar 2020

Need assylum with w year old kid...need to know the criteria or government provide any shelter for Pakistani women...coz of stressfull behaviour of husband...he...

You may approach family court and demand for the maintenance from your husband. if your husband does misbehave or try to physical harm then you should...View

Advise for understanding the exclusive rights for a distributor at one Business 26 Mar 2020

Hi, I want to start up my own business for industrial supply. Where I would like to suggest people from where to buy products at best price and less...


Unpaid leave enforced due to travel ba Labor 21 Mar 2020

I am a teacher in Dubai and I am unable to return to the UAE due to the flight ban. My school have told me that I will be made to take unpaid leave even...

Unpaid leave is not legal under UAE law, it can be mutually . call for specific information. View

Dual employment visa Labor 20 Mar 2020

I have employment visa of Oman. I'm presently in India and not able to going back to Oman. Next month I will get good opportunity in Dubai free zone....

You can get the UAE visa without cancellation of Oman and you can keep both.View

Need Legal advise for filing case to recover the money Business 17 Mar 2020

Hi, One Indian Agriculture Business man (Exporter) took Money from us for transferring the Agriculture products ind he has not done so far, It's almost...

You can file a civil case against him. the court fee for a civil case in Dubai is 6%. please contact me for process we charge generally 10% of claim amount...View

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