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Purchased an expired product from a supermarket. Consumer Protection 18 Aug 2018

I went shopping in one of the leading store outlets /supermarket in Abu Dhabi. Among the items I bought ,was tea which in reaching home ,actually even...

you may file a complaint in Economic department consumer section View

Permanent entry ban removal ANY 15 Aug 2018

Hello, My wife (Ethiopian national) is currently on the black list with a permanent entry ban. She was absconding from sponsor in 2005, was deported in...

check with immigration department , you may try to file a mercy application. further consultation please whatsapp me View

Bank dept bounced cheque cases Banking 6 Aug 2018

Prasad here I have AED 100000 Business loan from ASEEL FINANCE for 24 months, and I have paid already 10 months EMI, and 1 more Business loan from ADCB...

Dear Prasad, I refer to your inquiry, and i would like to inform you that according to Dubai' Updated Rules related the bounced chq, in case the bank...View

Can Cheque bounced 10 years ago Criminal 5 Aug 2018

if a cheque was bounced in 2008, no police case was filed ( just returned from the bank with a stamp ) while I was outside the country and than i arranged...

Dear Value Client, as per the criminal law, bounced CHQs Code, the right to file any criminal case with bounced CHQ is limited till 6 months from the...View

relation with the seperated man ANY 4 Aug 2018

having a relation with a guy whose seperated for 4 years , and file divorce and been rejected by the legal wife , possible that ill be in jail incase the...

Dear Valued Client, I Refer to you inquiry, and i would like to advice you that at first the Islamic sharia will be applied in UAE even on family or...View

Forceful termination with false allegations Labor 3 Aug 2018

I was asked to stop work without warning or any form of suspension or termination letter.I filed a case after 4 working days.we were asked to settle amicably...

dear Value Client, i refer to your inquiry, and i have to advice you to not sign such letter, which might be used from your employer against you . kindly...View

Online Fraud for ticket booking and refund confirmed but not disbursed Consumer Protection 2 Aug 2018

I booked a ticket from clast year The website was showing that within 12-hour cancellation full refund is available. I...

dear sir, you can file a criminal case and civil case against such company, and claim with your amount in addition to compensation. kindly for...View

OVERSEAS PERSONAL LOAN International Law 1 Aug 2018

my brother has taken loan from one UAE bank. security is my end of service payment from the company. They insured this on my account. after two years I...

Dear Bro, kindly be advised to accept the legal notice that to have more monies and remuneration from your company, and there is a legal response must...View

Case has been filed in the court putting false allegation to waste the Labor 26 Jul 2018

Hi Mr. Tony, I need your legal advice on my case. I am explaining you in short, please help. My husband resigned from his work and the company had put...

he should go to office in notice period. can you explain what kind of complaint they filed plz whatsapp me for consultation thanks Imran khan, Ad...View

RED NOTICE Timing and removal Banking 22 Jul 2018

Hello I have a defaulted loan from the UAE as I had trouble with my employer and had to leave. 1. what is the usual time frame for a RED NOTICE to...

what is red notice ? you will be wanted if your cheque is bounced and bank file a criminal case against you in police station. Contact with me on WhatsApp...View

Appeal After Judgement Labor 22 Jul 2018

Hi Sir my case was registered in Dubai court and I got final judgement on 30th of May, and I sent final judgement letter to my company for the payment...

you may authorise your any known who can appear behalf of u Contact with me for further enquiry on WhatsApp or email Thanks Imran khan, Advocat...View

Information regarding marriage procedure Family 18 Jul 2018

Hi,this is Muzammil Sheikh. Iím an expat living in Dubai.i have a residence visa. I want to get married in Dubai.I am a Muslim from Pakistan and i want...

you can marry in Dubai, girl should be here if here parents is non muslim then no need attorney . Contact with me for further enquiry on WhatsApp or...View

Immigration and Bail issue for a friend i was gauranter ANY 17 Jul 2018

Greetings! in October 2017, I had placed my passport as bail guarantee for a friend. today July 2018, I went to collect my passport from public prosecution....


Is this really fair by uae labour law Human Rights 16 Jul 2018

My company stopped me from work its now close to 3 months with out any payment they even took my medical insurance from me and they cant give me my job...


Tenency cancelled but cheqs not returned to me , and cheq bounced ANY 10 Jul 2018

Hi, I have canceled my tenency contract in May, and i have clearance from sewa. But still my 3 cheq and security deposit cheq with the owner and they havnít...


Notarization of Document Notary 7 Jul 2018

I am trying to apply for immigration to Australia and the Tasmanian Govt need me to submit the notarized copy of my financial ability. Please advice how...


How to handle Rent a car problem in ras al khaima Criminal 6 Jul 2018

Hi i have a rent a car case in ras al khaima police station for an amount of AED.7000/year2015. i handed over the public prosecution paper in the police...


property broker cheet with me Civil 22 Jun 2018

good evening sir, my name is shailendra. I\'m booked a property in india through property related company. At the booking time duration they told final...


property broker cheeting with me Civil 22 Jun 2018

good evening sir, my name is shailendra. I\'m booked a property in india through property related company. At the booking time duration they told final...


Property broker cheeting with me Civil 22 Jun 2018

good evening sir, my name is shailendra. I\'m booked a property in india through property related company. At the booking time duration they told final...


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