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Forgery in Offer Letter MOL Labor 1 Feb 2020

I joined a company in November 2019. At the time of joining, I received a Company Offer Letter with a lumpsum amount as Salary with no salary structure...

You may be banned for 1 year. View

How can I get correct information about my fiancé From who And how An Criminal 1 Feb 2020

You are very late. My fiancé has been deported back to Africa. He was innocent and inprisoned withoiut any case number. He has deported with empthy hands....


Payo hiling sa child support Family 1 Feb 2020

Gusto ko lang po humingi ng payo kung ano ang pwede kong gawin para sa sustento ng anak namin. Kasal po kami. Kakahiwalay lang po namin nagbabanta sya...

Please ask your question in English language View

Help to get payment Business 22 Jan 2020

Hi One one of importer from Dubai has cheated me. I send one container of onion to him on credit and he dint pay me? One year I m chasing pavement but...

You should file a case in UAE civil court to get your moneyView

Non-compete agreement letter Labor 22 Jan 2020

Hi. I have resigned from my company and i am rendering my 1 month notice but my employer let me sign a confidentiality agreement restraining me to work...

Need to check your signed agreement, Please feel free to contact direct for consultationView

UAE labour law Article 138 Labor 21 Jan 2020

I need a brief on UAE labour law Article 138. as per this "if an employee under a contract with limited period leaves his work at his own option before...

already replied View

RA9262 for emotional abuse Family 19 Jan 2020

Hi My wife is try to charge me RA9262 for emotional abuse cases Cuase I'm asking for a separation and she has a photo a girl with me which is only a...

A selfie with a girl is not a criminal act and not a valid ground of divorce. if both you mutually want to go for divorce then u should choose for UAE...View

leave salary eligibility Labor 13 Jan 2020

can I get leave salary if company terminating me after one year of my joining? in this one year I worked thee months when I was in visit visa.

Dear questioner, Please note that an employer-employee relationship starts only after signing the offer letter issued by the Ministry of Labor. if the...View

3 Months Delayed Salary Labor 13 Jan 2020

Good morning, Sir/Madam. Happy New Year, first of all and hope that you and your family had a wonderful holiday. I would like to get your insight...

Dear Krisandra, Thank you for your wishes and wish you a wonderful year ahead. I am sorry to know about your situation. From the above description...View

Compensation serious injury at an event Accident 13 Jan 2020

Hi, I would like to ask legal advice regarding how to be compensated after an accident at a sports event that took place on 14th December 2019. To...

Dear Questioner, I am sorry to know about your situation. It seems you have attached some documents along with your query. Unfortunately am not able...View

RA9262 for emotional abuse cases Family 13 Jan 2020

Hi My wife is try to charge me RA9262 for emotional abuse cases Cuase I'm asking for a separation and she has a photo a girl with me which is only a...

Dear Questioner, I noticed that RA 9262 is Anti-Violence Against Women and their children (VAWC) Act of 2004. Is she filing it in Philippines or...View

Compensation for serious injury at an event Accident 12 Jan 2020

Hi, I would like to ask legal advice regarding how to be compensated after an accident at a sports event that took place on 14th December 2019. To...

Dear Qustioner, I have already answered the question . Please feel free to contact me for any further discussion. Thank You. Regards, Rajasree...View

Scammed by ex-girlfriend ANY 12 Jan 2020

Sir, I am currently residing in Belgium but I was in a relationship (engaged) with my ex-girlfriend who I supported financially for her trip to UAE...

Dear questioner, After the reading the short description, I understand you have been finding your ex girlfriend who is in UAE. I assume you have all...View

Insulted and accused of being mentally unstable by my employer Labor 12 Jan 2020

I am still new in the country, I moved here in mid July 2019. However, working for my employer was a total nightmare; not only the unreasonable amount...

Dear Questioner, From the above description I understand that your employer is a DMCC company. Unfortunately you have mentioned your joining date...View

Divorce case with husband Family 10 Jan 2020

Hi there. I am from Ukraine married egyptian man in egypt embassy , and we legalize it for dubai. Having a baby 9 month. He also have one more wife with...

Dear questioner, Please proceed to the personal status court and file your claim against your husband. Please feel free to contact me if you need any...View

Need advice on family dispute Family 9 Jan 2020

My husband is talking and sharing nasty videos with another woman. I have a small kid and I don't want her to be effected in anyway in all this. Please...

Dear Madam, You need to file a police case against your husband for his actions. You need to gather evidence to show the police so that they can lodge...View

Bank Loan have in Abu Dhabi Local Bank and Installment is paying from Banking 7 Jan 2020

Dear Sir Good Day to you, I have one loan in Abu Dhabi local bank, due to job lose I have shifted to Oman and canceled my UAE visa, the installment amount...

Dear Mohammed, Thank you for getting in touch with me on this. Well if the bank holds your security cheque and if it bounces that cheque. Then...View

Cheque Bounce in AbuDhabi ANY 6 Jan 2020

I have a case in Abu Dhabi police station for a cheque bounce of AED. 45000. What will be the punishment and solution?Id there any jail term?

Dear Sir, You may get a fine for this amount however the rules of Aby Dhabi is not same as Dubai. I would recommend you engage services of a lawyer...View

Wanting to know what will happen when i land Civil 30 Dec 2019

I am out of the uae since march as i had lost my job and had to leave. I am now going back to find a job again but have come to know that there exists...

Dear Sir, Since you have a RERA case on your name, you will be detained at the police station and may face jail term in case you cant pay the judgement...View



you should contact with Police and they will surely hlep u View

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